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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Generation 1: Prologue - Where am I?!

Panicking, at a loss of word, struggling to understand what had just happened. Where am I?! 
The feeling of being strangled by the pressure the purple fog created made me unaware of my senses. As I was getting more certain of my own death coming closer everything went black... But am I dead?

Well, of course not, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you. Tell you about my story... But first, I guess you would want to get to know me.

I think it's uncomfortable, talking about myself. If someone comes up to me, looks straight into my eyes and asks me: "Who are you?", I would probably get scared at first. But then I would tell them the stuff that's basically written on my ID. Something like: "My name is Leni Fox, 18 years old, born in Twinbrook and daughter of Lizzie Fox and some unknown guy. I'm born in february, meaning I'm an aquarius." And yeah... that's it.

I believe the first impression tells a lot about a person, considerably more than a card with an ugly picture of yourself. How they look like, for example. Most people find me quiet cute, with my blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. Skinny. Usually people that looks like me would appear to be very outgoing, charismatic and charming.
   Oh, and dumb, of course, might have something to do with the blonde hair.

But, looks can be deceiving... Firstly, my whole body language shows discomfort, probably because I'm scared of everything, a coward in other words. My clumsiness has put me through some hard time since I always manage to get hurt one way or another, which might have triggered those fears of mine. However, it seems as though I always have miss Fortune on my side. Weird, huh, saying how I always hurt myself at the same time as I am lucky? Well, some of the things my clumsiness has put me through would in normal cases be life-threatening, but I only end up with a few scratches and bruises. If that's not luck, then what is?
   When telling all these thing, it seems as though I am nothing but a sore looser... Hm, I might just be that. But I have a good trait as well! Most people would call this trait perceptive... Oh, and I'm friendly too!

How come I am the person I am today? Well, I believe many things has taken their toll on me, like the environment I grew up in and whose hand that fed and cared for me. In my case, most of these things would point to my mom. Growing up, I was a real "mommys little girl". My whole world revolved around her, the most important person of my life. It wasn't until later in my life I realized how much my mom needed me as well. And how wrong it had become.
This is me as a kid and my mom by the way!

A mom loving her daughter, what's wrong with that? Well, for you to understand I would have to tell you a bit more about her. Lizzie Fox, daughter of Sienna Fox and Jeremiah Spring, was an illegimate kid, just like me. My grandmother was according to my mother (and many others as well, especially my moms twin uncles Joshua and Shawn) evil incarnated, with plans of ruling the world. She practically cared nothing for my mother, some rumors even told of her leaving the newborn Lizzie outside on the cold ground, wanting to party more than to care for her. Instead a woman named Kristin, my grandmothers childhood friend and later on lover, made a few lame attempts caring for her. So, she practically grew up with no company other than a teddybear.

This left my mother incapable of making any social commitments and she basically locked herself up in the garage as a child, spending time inventing stuff with some trash. Soon even Kristin lacked the motivation to care for Lizzie, but as compensation Kristin saw to it that she called Jeremiah over to spend time with her. Meeting her father for the first time my mother finally began her social adaption. He soon became the first person she ever trusted, and things started to become light for some time. But just when she had become a teen he failed her, left her for a woman who was pregnant with his child. It was about then that my mom stopped believing in humanity and got obsessively involved in her creations.

But even she had to go out sometimes, I mean, if not, then I would never have come to life! Well, not that I know anything about my father, but my mom once told me she met him by the dumpster when she was collecting pieces for her experiments. Their relationship was short, in other words.

When given birth to me, my mom started to believe I was some kind of miracle. Not only was I her daughter, but a friend and a connection to the outside world. Her love for me became overwhelming, and I got used to her always protecting me from all the scary things in the world. And somehow, though her means were nothing but good-willed, she ended up suffocating me.
   As I mentioned before, I never noticed it, not until I became older. But back then it all seemed so comforting.

I know my mom loves me, that she still cares for me more than anything in the world.
And that's what made her sudden disappearance so wrong.

It was the day before my high school prom that my mom and I decided to meet at the salon so I could pick my prom dress. I happily rushed over there after school, eager to find the dress of my dreams. But when I finally got there, my mother was nowhere to be seen. I waited until it got dark, but since she didn't seem to arrive any time soon, I began to try out different kinds of dresses. When I arrived home with my beautiful, blue prom dress, I called out for my mom, but she wasn't anywhere to be seen...
   That's when I realized it had never gone a day without me seeing my mom, hugging her, feeling her comfort, and it left me completely devastated.

I started looking for my mother, in places I knew she might be at. Which only was the dumpster, but she wasn't even there. I even entered the Fox-familys main building for the first time, the house where my evil grandmother was lurking. But she only sneered at me, telling me that abandoning their kids was part of the Fox legacy and that it was in our blood. I refused to believe in it, I still do, but her words still left me heartbroken. I had always had my mother close to me in my life, and there was no other person in the world that could give me the comfort she could!

But days became months, and my mother never appeared.
   I started to believe my grandmothers words, and even now I still have trouble recalling what happened in my life before graduation and becoming a youth. It was like I was only living for the sake of surviving, doing nothing but constantly feeling like an abandoned child. Everything seemed so dark...

By some reason, when finally graduating, I decided do dedicate my time tracking up my mother. After all, I knew her more than anyone, and there had never been a reason to abandon me! So, with a strong will I started looking. Following some loose threads and using my perceptive abilities, it lead me to a secret underground passage my mother had built under our house!

The passage lead me to a room, revealing all my mothers inventions, but what caught my eyes above everything else was a huge machine. The most eyecatching part of the construction was the clock in the front, which somehow didn't look like an ordinary one... I started searching through her stuff and then found some sketches of the machine. She called it TT1, a short term for Time Traveler 1, her first attempt of creating a time machine!

But what was the most interesting of it all was the date it was due to be tested... The day before my prom!

My logical sense took over by that time - I mean, there is just NO WAY such a thing as time traveling even exists, and my mom building something like that was just crazy! But then my emotions took over as well: my mom wasn't crazy. I mean, she disappeared the same day as the machine was due to be tested and that must mean something, right?! So I turned towards the maching, trying to find some way to activate it...

When I got there I realized there was some kind of code that needed to be written. I checked my moms sketches yet again and found something that might show me what was inside of that metal box. When I was done writing it, I heard the sound of a gentle click, followed by the monsterous noise of a very old vacuum-cleaner...

It's hard to describe the feeling, but as those doors flung open, you can imagine yourself being one of those dust bunnies, you know, always hiding under the bed and sofa. As a kid I found it amusing, placing the pipe and watching as the dust slowly sweeps closer, just to get sucked in real quick the least few centimeters. But now I find it hard to be funny.

Since I'M the dust bunnie.

TT1 showed no mercy and left no time for regret. It just swept me right in, and the force kept pulling me deeper and deeper through the hose, together with some purple fog that groveled all over my body as though trying to strangle me.
   Somewhere along the road I lost conciousness.

Well, that's where it leaves us. Back to the beginning.
   Me, almost certain I died, realizing I'm alive and almost completely fine. But, and a big BUT at that, having NO FREAKING IDEA where I am! It doesn't exactly help waking up in the middle of nowhere, staring up at some weird-looking giant trees with leaves spiky enough to be used as a weapon (okay, exaggeration). And yeah, I freaked out. I freaked out alot. Looking around seeing only sand and huge mountains, not exactly the landscape I'm used to seeing. When I think of home I see a plain land, with lots of greenery and water. But when I see THIS, I see a nightmare. Please, someone, pinch me!

It soon came up to me that it wasn't a dream. It was all too real and I did after all get sucked into one of my moms experiments. So when I kind of stopped panicking so much, trying to think to myself that it would soon get dark and I needed to find some shelter, my feet started to move on it's own.

But that wasn't all that kept me moving. It was the determination I had, long before I even got here. And it was the determination of finding my mom, no matter what kind of scary things I had to go through...


  1. Hi there! Would be nice if you could add a translator so I understand something because I come from Sweden .. Thanks in advance!