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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Generation 1: Chapter 3


I completely LOVED my room! Seriously - when Synestra said I could live in the room above hers I wasn't expecting too much. But as I opened the door I became breathless; pink, pink and pink! Sure, some of the things in the room were completely superfluous, but who cares?! It had my favorite color all over it!

After a rough day at work it felt great drinking a cup of coffee but what felt even better was to retreat back to my room. Somehow, being alone didn't scare me as much as it used to, and I could sometimes find myself actually enjoying the silence. Was this how my mother was feeling when she locked herself up in the garage as a kid? In that case I could somehow understand that she never really felt the need to make social interactions.

Working at the Starry Lounge, no day was the same as the next, which might be hard to believe since we did the same thing all the time. I ran errands, entertained costumers and cleaned up after everyone. It was the people making all the difference - the citizens of Lunar Lakes were remarkable indeed and getting dressed up by Synestra made them even weirder. I never seized to be amazed by their outragous outfits and hair, but still managed to keep my smile on my lips as I was standing behind the counter.

Almost two weeks after I started living here, a familiar face arrived nearing closing time. His eyes immidiatly met mine, and a smile curled up his lips. Eythil.
   "Well, hello gorgeous!" he said and continued walking towards me. "You look wonderful today!"

"And what exactly do you want?" Synestra said, surprisingly harsh and without a squeeky voice. "I don't remember you making an appointment with me."
   "That's because I never did make an appointment with you," Eythil answered, still looking at me. "I came here for Leni. I wanted to remind her that my offer for a date still stands. Are you willing to accept?"

I felt a little discouraged but then I reminded myself that this was my chance - if I was to find out more about Frida, the woman supposedly to keep my mother prisoned, I had to go on this date. And Eythil wasn't to bad. Actually, he was very good.
   I put all my effort into a flirtatious look but probably ended up looking even more uncomfortable.
   "Of course, I would really like to go on a date with you!"
   Eythil made such a huge smile that all his teeth became visible.

"Oh, really?!" Eythil said happily and looked like a kid that just found out he was going to be given some cake. "I'm really thrilled!" He grabbed my hands, which were surprisingly warm. "You want me to show you around town? I know a lot of great places here!"
   "Sure!" I said and smiled genuinly now. Never would I have imagined someone could get this happy about going on a date with me, and it made me kind of happy. "I'm free tomorrow."
   I slowly turned my head over and glanced at Synestra. She didn't look too glad, but really I didn't care.
   "Then tomorrow it is! I'll pick you up here about noon."

I soon said goodbye to Eythil, and I could hear Synestra sigh the moment the door was closed.
   "Oh my, oh my..." she said and looked awfully tired. "Well, don't say I warned you. Don't want to hear your complaints later."
   But I wasn't going to make any complaints, since I only did this in order to find my mother.

Though Synestra was against me going on this date she still wouldn't miss an opportunity to dress someone up. She began her styling early that morning which was good since we had to many disagreements; just picking out the outfit took us about an hour of intense vocal fighting (if we were to fight for real I would loose in an instant, Synestra was way too fit). But in the end we both were quiet pleased with the outcome, though Synestra sure found it way too boring.

As promised Eythil arrived precisely by noon, and before he got to enter the Starry Lounge I went out. I didn't want to hear any fighting between him and Synestra.
   "And here I thought, seeing as no one could ever get more beautiful. And now you come out dressed like this - Leni Fox, you amaze me!"
   I blushed, though I know he probably said that to all the girls. "Thank you." But I wasn't as happy when I noticed his gaze kept slipping down on my cleavage - can you imagine that this was the only dress Synestra had that didn't show too much skin?

I soon forgot about Eythil's error as he showed me around in Lunar Lakes. Most people was at work by now but I still met some people that had been costumers at the Starry Lounge. It made me realize I had been starting to make a home for myself here. I couldn't figure out if that was good or bad.
   Eythil took me to some of the most impressive places in the town. As I saw all of it I couldn't help but wonder just how many years I had travelled through time. But since Eythil didn't know about the time-traveling thing I never asked.

Together we went for some dinner, speaking mostly about myself and the towns history. I noticed how well Eythil avoided any subject that might lead to him speaking about his family. He probably knew that I knew about him coming from a really rich family, and that he might be in trouble for hanging around me. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could see some suspicious people, spying on us...
   Anyway, after the dinner he bought me some ice cream, and it tasted great! It reminded me of the first time I had some ice cream together with my mom... Really nostalgic.

Though I actually had a great time together with Eythil, seeing as I was really comfortable in his company, I never forgot about why I accepted his offer. But I had trouble finding a way to sneak in the question about Frida's whereabouts, and in the end I just ended up going straight to the point.
   "Have you heard about someone named Frida?" I asked.
   "There are many people named Frida," Eythil said and looked a little confused. "What's her last name?"
   "I don't know it. But I think she is known for comitting crimes. I thought maybe you have heard of her."
   "Hm." Eythil looked straight into my eyes as he spoke. "I think I might know who she is. There is this person called Frida Tamarind that has been causing some trouble in Lunar Lakes lately, but the police are unable to find her and question her. It's driving my father insane."
   So, not even the police could find her. That might be troublesome. "I see. Thank you."
   "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing, really," I said and smiled, tried to make him think it didn't really matter.
   "Oh, I see," he said, but he didn't sound convinced. "Then, let's drop that. What do you say about a walk up the crater?"
   Now I smiled for real. "Seriously?! I would love to!"

As I had suspected earlier, people really were living up the craters. It had been a long way up there and my feet had blisters all over, but it was sure worth going there.

"What kind of people live up here?" I asked, more to myself, but Eythil overheard it and answered.
   "Ordinary people, I guess," he said. Then he named some of the familys living here. "And then we have miss Loveland as well."
   I reacted immidiately. "Ami lives here? I didn't know that!"
   "She lives in the house right over there." He pointed with his finger at a smaller house with fountains outside the front door. "Is she a friend of yours?"
   I nodded. "Do you think we could visit her?" I spoke before I had time to think. Of course he wouldn't want to visit my friend when we were out on a date! It was just the same as I had been telling him I was really bored in his company.
   That's why I was surprised when he agreed.

We walked up the front door and knocked. Amelia soon showed up, in the new outfit she had gotten from Synestra last time she was there. I got really happy too see her again and couldn't help but smiling broadly.
   "Leni! It's really you! Oh, I'm so happy to see you! You look great!"
   "You too," I said just as happily and gave her a quick hug.
   Ami didn't seem to notice Eythil at first, standing on the side. But when she did she suddenly blushed and went a little shy. "Oh, mr Domrex, how nice to see you." She seemed to quietly question why I was out in his company.
   "Just call me Eythil," he said, obviously bothered by her using his last name.
   "Well, of course... You can come in," Ami said. "I was just about to make some dinner, and eating together with others always makes the food more enjoyable!"

As Ami started making the food I came to regret us coming here. There was this embarrasing silence which was probably caused by Eythil's presence, and Ami seemed really tense about it. All I could was to sit quietly and watch as she prepared the food for us.

While enjoying the meal I tried to make the mood more comfortable, but as I was speaking to Ami she constantly let her gaze move towards Eythil's direction. Now I was really annoyed with myself!!

All I felt as it was time for Eythil and I to leave was relief - I didn't want to stay one second more in this tense atmosphere. When I met Ami the next time I would see to it that I questioned her properly. 

As we walked away from Ami's house Eythil took me to a nearby lake, which was just as beautiful as it's surroundings. I guessed it was time for us to end our date.
   "I really enjoyed spending the day with you, Leni," he said and entered his flirt-mode. I couldn't help but giggle at him but then he lowered his shoulders and looked... sad?
   "You know, that reaction I got from miss Loveland, it's the same as the reaction I get from everyone else.  Except for Synestra, of course. She is the only one who dares to raise her voice at me and treat me evenly, without caring about my background."
   I couldn't help but feeling sympathy. It must have been feeling really hard for him, seeing as no one could really relax in his company. Not even I could do that, but due to other reasons since I still couldn't really understand just how important the Domrex family was.

"The same with you, Leni Fox." Eythil lowered his voice and moved slowly closer to me. "You don't appear to be the kind of person like everyone else in this town, judging a person depending on backgrounds and rumors. I really like you."
   My heart started to beat really fast now, as I could feel his breath brushing against my face. But then I realized it. Was he really going to...?!

I reacted just in time to avoid the incoming kiss.
   "Eythil, wait!"
   I placed my hand on his arm and he stopped midway through his action.

"What, why?" Eythil seemed as though he couldn't figure out why he was denied the kiss. The moment had seemed right.
   "I'm sorry, it's just..." I couldn't find a proper explanation, since the real one had been that I denied him since I actually didn't really like him that much yet, and this date had only been a reason for me to find out more about Frida.
   Eythil sighed, and tried not to sound too disappointed. "No, I should apologize. I'm moving way to fast forward." I nodded, as it was the only explanation that didn't hurt his feelings too much. "Well, I guess it's time for me to take you home."

As decided Eythil took me home, and by that time the Starry Lounge was completely dark and quiet. Synestra must have gone to sleep. But as I was on my way up to my bedroom I noticed the light in the kitchen was on. I took of my high-heeled shoes as to not make any noise and walked towards the door. I gasped as I saw Synestra sitting there, with Calden as company. I hadn't seen him in quiet some time.
   " you have yet to find Frida?" Synestras voice was lower than usual, meaning they were talking about something important. I tried to be as quiet as I could to overhear what they were saying through the glass-door.

Calden nodded. "But I'm getting closer. Mick and John hasn't led me to her yet but I'm following their movements."
   "Maybe you could try the first plan yet again, it might actually work this time."
   "No!" Calden said and looked really angry. "I'm not putting Leni through something like that again."
   "But it might work this time! Use her as bait! If her mother is somewhere to be found, it's in Frida's hideout."
   Calden lowered his head. "She might have been sold by now, and who knows where. She might not even be in Lunar Lakes."
   "And that's why it's so important that you get to Frida!" Synestra said and seemed really mad. "If you use Leni again, you can follow them as they take her to Frida. Then we can get her, and punish her for all of the crimes she has commited. It just has to work! If you didn't let your feelings go overboard last time..."

SLAM! Calden had slammed his hand hard against the table and I was surprised the glass didn't break. The sound even made me jump a bit. "I said no! I'm not using Leni! There has to be another way!"

Synestra raised her voice in a tone that was high with authority. "If there is, I expect you to find it by tomorrow. If not, I will be taking care of this by myself. And you won't be too fond of my ways."
   If gazes could kill, Synestra would have died on the spot.

I, however, was very shocked of what I had been hearing. I understood almost everything they had been talking about, but it was hard making sense of it all. Just what were they working with, really?! And had there been a different reason as to Calden selling me that time?! Why was he trying to protect me?!

Out of this overheard conversation, the one thing that appeared the most clear to me was the fact that they actually had an idea of where my mother was being held prison. And I knew how I could get to her... It wasn't going to be easy, but I had to take the risk.

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