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Saturday, August 4, 2012

About the Legacy

Hi everybody and welcome to my blog! Here I will present to you my new legacy story, chapter by chapter!

This legacy is somewhat of a continuation of my previous legacy: The Fox Legacy. However, that story is written in my native language (Swedish) and due to a glitch unable to fix, it ended with generation 7, in this case the founder of this legacy, Leni Fox. Therefore the name Fox Legacy 2!

I've set up a few rules of my own for this legacy, not strictly followed though for the sake of the story. I will not be counting any points. Here are the rules:
  • No moneycheats allowed.
  • The names of the kids will follow in alfabetical order, meaning that the first child born will have a name starting with A, second B and so on.
  • I personally will not decide who gets to be the heir. A votingpoll will allow the readers to vote for their favorite.

Other than these rules I would also like to point out a few things about the storytelling. Here is some that might be good to know:
  • Each generation will become a story of it's own, starting with a prologue and ending with an epilogue.
  • The voting for the heir will start when the last chapter is published, and the results will become public once the epilogue is published.
  • The story will be written in first person by the one being the founder/the heir, like a diary.

I will do my best publishing new chapters as often as possible :)

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  1. Hello! I was the one hundred and two hundred who went into the blog! :)